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Tax Consulting

Nowadays tax performance management goes beyond the fulfilment of tax compliance and reporting obligationsthus, an adequate planning and monitoring of the plan are pivotal for a performing business. 

Corporate Taxation

Tax contingencies and risks identification
Revision of tax practices

Corporate Restructuring

Support on company incorporation
Support on company mergers, divisions, transfer of assets, capital subscription
Corporate groups restructuring
Adjustment of the corporate group and its participation structures to its business model and goals

Due Diligence

Deal Breakers identification
Tax and parafiscal analysis
Identification and computation of tax opportunities
Acquisition structure optimization
Monitoring and documentation revision - Vendor Assistance

Our services

Corporate Taxation
Corporate Restructuring
Due Diligence
Productive Investment Support Tax Regime
R&D Investment Support Tax Regime
Net Employment Creation
Share Capital Presumed Remuneration
Social Security Contributions Reduction
Highly Qualified HR Recruitment Incentive
Internationalization Incentive
Productive Investment Incentive
R&D Investment Incentive

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