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Financial Incentives

We ensure the execution of all the tasks necessary for the assignment of financial incentives to your Company, whenever possible, with fees associated to the success of our work. 

Highly Qualified HR Recruitment Incentive

Non-reimbursable incentive correspondent to 50% of the 3-year personnel costs resulting from the recruitment of Highly Qualified HR

Internationalization Incentive

Non-reimbursable incentive correspondent to 45% of costs resulting from the expansion of the company’s international business

Productive Investment Incentive

Incentive ranging from 15 to 75% of productive investment projects, non-reimbursable if the goals outlined initially are archived with the end of the project

R&D Investment Incentive

Non-reimbursable incentive in investment projects relating to R&D investments up to € 1M and non-reimbursable in 75% from therein

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Highly Qualified HR Recruitment Incentive
Internationalization Incentive
Productive Investment Incentive
R&D Investment Incentive
Productive Investment Support Tax Regime
R&D Investment Support Tax Regime
Net Employment Creation
Share Capital Presumed Remuneration
Social Security Contributions Reduction
Corporate Taxation
Corporate Restructuring
Due Diligence

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